In a busy work environment, finding the time to engage your office in corporate philanthropy can be difficult. When it feels like there are never enough hours in the day to complete work, the thought of giving up a day of the week to volunteer can be worrisome and seemingly impossible. That being said, there are many proven benefits of employee engagement through volunteering and many different approaches to volunteering that will not take up much time from your employees busy schedules. When employees gather together for the common good, they utilize critical thinking skills, increase team morale, and develop a sense of accomplishment and pride in their workplace. By boosting employee engagement, employees will feel great and do great in their day to day work. In the end, investing in holistic employee engagement = tangible impact on the bottom line. Here are a few ways you can incorporate philanthropy into your work office.

Dress down days.

One easy way to introduce philanthropy to the office is to schedule dress down days. Offer one or two important non-profits the company supports, and give employees the option to ditch their normal business wear in place of a small donation. Keep a tab on how much you raise, and include a short presentation at the end of the month highlighting the difference the money raised will make.

Food drive.

Holding a food drive is a great way to give back to your community. Connect with your local food pantry to determine a list of most needed items, and send out to your employees. Watching the pile of canned and dry food items grow over the week is an exciting way to give back to those in need in your area.

Pack care packages.

Schedule an hour to have the office pack care packages. These can include essentials for homeless shelters, school supplies for kids, meals for senior citizens, etc. Another idea is to have employees make cards with words of encouragement for children in hospitals, or veterans in service.

Career Day.

Letting employees share their expertise with students can be an extremely rewarding experience for both parties involved. Invite students to shadow employees for a few hours of the day, or have employees visit a local school to do a short presentation. This can be valuable for niches of industries that are trying to grow and can lead to networking and future connections for the students.

Lastly, research ways for your employees to give that are effortless and don’t require them to dish out money. Take a look at this article from USA Today for ways to donate without spending a dime.