Charitable giving during the holidays is a tradition for many families and individuals around the world. For many people, the holiday spirit inspires them to be more charitable and to help those in need. While giving during the holidays has become a regular practice for some, it can be a bit difficult to choose what charities to give to.

Choosing Charities During the Holidays

Many people have a favorite charity or organization that they support during the year and the holiday season. However, it can be a bit challenging for others that are hoping to spread the wealth around to other organizations. Read on for a few ideas that donors can use to choose the right charity.

Choose a Cause

Deciding what cause one wants to support is the first step in picking the right organization. Do adequate research to find the best local or international organizations that align with these causes.

Ask Friends or Family for Recommendations

Reach out in person or via social media to ask friends and family for their recommendations for charities. While searching the Internet is an effective way to find different organizations, it can be difficult to discern a charity’s reputation based on their information online. Moreover, it helps to go to an expert or supporter of the cause one is trying to donate to.

Research the Specific Organization

Have a few organizations in mind? Now is the time to do more research. Look through the company’s website to find out what they really are all about. Additionally, be sure to read reviews online and any coverage by the press. At this point, it’s important to figure out where donated funds are going and how the organization intends to use them.

Spread Your Donation Around

Why just choose one charity? Many people hoping to be charitable during the holidays choose to donate to multiple organizations. When finding the right companies, consider picking a few to donate to. While a donor can give a lump sum to one charity, it can be more powerful to donate several smaller amounts to several different nonprofits.

Start Giving!

Veteran donors are used to the rewarding feeling that donating during the holidays brings. However, first-time donors may still be apprehensive about actually letting go of their monetary donation. It helps to be well prepared for this moment by creating a budget for charitable giving before the holidays roll around. This way, when it is time to give, donors will be well prepared.

Excited to share the holiday spirit? Keep these five tips in mind when choosing what organizations to donate with this holiday season.