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How To Give Back On Giving Tuesday

How to Give Back on Giving Tuesday

How can a giver make their donation go further? It’s easy to get lost in options, especially during the holidays. Fortunately, cooperation, planning, and understanding boost all donations. Work Cooperatively Although giving a homeless person a few dollars is a selfless act; it won’t provide that person shelter, safety, or even the certainty of a […]

Volunteering at Work: How to Get Your Office Involved

Volunteering at Work: How to Get Your Office Involved

In a busy work environment, finding the time to engage your office in corporate philanthropy can be difficult. When it feels like there are never enough hours in the day to complete work, the thought of giving up a day of the week to volunteer can be worrisome and seemingly impossible. That being said, there […]

David Aylor—Corporate Philanthropy

Stories From The New Age of Corporate Philanthropy

Businesses, whether recent startups or established corporate giants, are no longer the faceless entities they used to be. In an age of information, where skepticism is the norm and data about companies can be uncovered with a little digging, companies are now placed under increased pressure to both be transparent and give back to others. […]

David Aylor—Embracing Philanthropy

Ways Entrepreneurs Can Embrace Philanthropy

For anybody running a business, prioritizing anything but the bottom line can be difficult. However, the idea of corporate giving makes it necessary for any business, from a fledgling startup to a multimillion dollar company, to consider what they can do to give back to others. It’s a much more prominent concept now than it […]

David Aylor—Philanthropy in Law

Philanthropy in Law: Pro Bono Work Among Lawyers

When Mildred Loving penned a desperate letter to then-attorney general Robert Kennedy asking for help, he sent her to the ACLU, who chose to take the case pro bono. Mildred, a black woman, and her husband Richard, a white man, were imprisoned in the state of Virginia for breaking the state’s long-standing anti-miscegenation laws, and […]

david aylor-how to be a broke philanthropist

How to be a Broke Philanthropist

Common knowledge dictates that a philanthropist by definition is someone so wealthy that they can donate entire libraries to colleges or single-handedly repair an economy or pay off their caddy’s student loan debt. While many aspire to this level of wealth, you don’t have to be this loaded to practice philanthropy. Even if you make […]

Promoting the Modern Nonprofit—David Aylor

Promoting the Modern Nonprofit—Strategies For Reaching Out

While nonprofit organizations generally put their budgets toward fundraisers and awareness campaigns, more have decided to allocate resources for general promotion and a stronger web presence. One of the biggest problems with modern philanthropy is the sheer number of causes competing for attention at any given time. While many may be noble, without proper marketing […]


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